• Sarah Elliott, Marketing Manager

    My marriage break up was a really hard time in my life. I had lost my Mum a few years earlier and I didn’t know how I was going to get through it with grace and my life still intact. I met Michele at this time and wow I honestly felt like I was lucky enough to have a living angel walk into my life and help me get through a pretty tough challenge. She gave me strength, peace, and somehow feel compassion in what was quite a traumatic and stressful time.

     Ever since that time with Michele’s gentle manner of introducing life coaching and Buddhist philosophy, I have felt blessed being able to call on her for guidance. She even helped me mentally prepare and have the confidence to achieve goals like renovating my home.

     If everyone had a Michele in their life, I honestly believe the world would be a better place.

  • J Meek

    "Michele has guided me on an amazing journey of self-discovery and healing. I have never felt so calm and I have such a clear understanding of who I am. The positive effect of this has touched every area of my life from friends and family to my business.

    She is truly the most intuitive person I have ever met, she is a very special lady with such a warm heart and generous spirit. I feel truly blessed to have worked with her, it has been life changing.

  • Peter

    "I first went to see Michele begrudgingly to appease my wife who thought it would help me with work-related stress. That was well over 3 years ago and as usual, my wife knew best.

    Through a combination of coaching, meditation and movement Michele has helped me to better understand and take care of myself.  I look forward to my sessions every week and know that this time is an essential part of my wellbeing both mentally and physically."

  • Melinda Jacobsen

    “Michele has a unique breadth of experience and insight that combines with her high levels of compassion and kindness. She creates a safe space in which to share openly my challenges or struggles and always has just the perfect meditation to help me 'see' where I'm stuck, gain greater self-awareness and offer tools to take back into my life. I've also brought Michele into businesses I have managed, to offer staff 'pause' time to be still and quiet, through her guided meditation sessions. Spending time with Michele is pure joy and delight.”

  • Elise Morris, Former Global Director of People & Culture, Swisse Wellness

    "Michele has been my teacher and coach for a number of years now after an episode of depression saw me land on her doorstep. I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with her 1:1 and to have been able to work with her in the corporate sector – her ability to hold the space for an individual or large group is extraordinary. She has a beautiful way of seeing the truth and greatness that sits at the core of who you are and then helps you to connect with it wholeheartedly and truthfully.

    Michele opens hearts… she inspires… engages… carefully challenges and compassionately helps people shift. She listens without judgement and teaches the power of stillness, reflection, acceptance and meditation. She does this through her own quiet and authentic power. Whether you are seeking support through an emotional period, wanting to strengthen your understanding and connection to self or wanting to learn meditation with a master you should reach out to her. She is a healer, a modern-day bodhisattva that is truly helping this world be a better place. I know my life is so much richer and more meaningful with her in it”

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